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Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do. Call or e-mail to make arrangements or purchase one during your stay at Crooked Tree.


Do you offer any discounts?

  • From November to April, book for 7 nights and the last night is no charge; in other words, stay a week get a free night.

  • Longer stays in the shoulder and low seasons may warrant a "deal"; the discount, if any, will be considered on an individual basis and would be dependent upon the length of the stay


Is a car necessary?



Can I host an event at Crooked Tree?

Well . . . I guess we need to define "event". If you are a business traveler and would like to conduct a smallish business meeting, by all means do. If you're thinking of something like a modest wedding . . . well, we'll talk!


Where can we rent a car?

  • AVIS - 2504 Skaha lake Road, Penticton - 250.493.6900

  • AVIS - Penticton Airport - 250.493-8139

  • Best Choice - 103-351 Westminster Ave. W., Penticton - 250.490.3339

  • Budget - 188 Westminster Ave W., Penticton - 250.493-0212


We plan to beach it a lot when in Penticton but do not want to pack beach towels. Do you have some we could use?

Yes. There is a small room just outside the suite entrances called "Library/Laundry". In it are things that guests my borrow to use whilst here; beach towels, games, movies and books. As well there is a washer + dryer for guest use; detergent and dryer sheets are provided.

And as long as we're talking towels, here's the policy on in-suite Towels + Linens:
These are always supplied at our B&B. To preserve the environment the sheets are not changed during a 7-day or less stay, unless specifically requested. Towels will be replaced only if they are left in the basket in the suite that is labelled as such.